Dogs and Workout Tapes Do Not Go Together.

I don’t know if anyone else has this problem, but exercising with my dogs in the room is a pain in the butt and so I decided to amass a list  and let the world know why it is a bad idea.

First of all they judge you.They may not speak people, but that doesn’t mean they’re any good at hiding their emotions. They know the movements mimicked from the TV are strange.And you know this fact primarily by the awkward staring ,and the look of confusion that comes with the first few minutes of the workout. If you weren’t feeling subconscious about working out by tape before, now there is a reason staring back at you.


Second of all, They try to take the mat. Every. Damn. Time. They need a cushiony place for their butt, and their bed is already claimed.They want the new stuff, the yoga mats with their “super cozy” placemat feel.I understand they know the downward and upward dog yoga positions, but sometimes you know they just want it to sleep on. For me it, it got to be a point where they see it as a challenge now to get the mat. One dog tries to eat it, while the other sneakily backs up on to the mat, as if I wouldn’t notice a anything suspicious on a 5 by 2 mat. Working out with the mat means your dog will want to steal it.

Third off, you will want to pet them. You could be doing squats, or crunches, or even a combination of the two, your dog will walk in front of you and you will end up petting them. For example, I went to my room for a water break for a few minutes and when I came out two of my three dogs were camping out in front of my door. With two thirds majority, dogs would rather be loved than watch you do weird motions that confuse them.

And Finally, they will never want to work out with you. They don’t understand videos, they don’t understand fitness. They are dogs and will look cute regardless of how much they weigh in kibbles and bits.

Deal with it.